Apps Manuals and Wordlists

LocuTour Guide to Sounds

These guides are meant to be used as a reference when using LocuTour software. They show how we categorize the sounds that are in words. For each sound we show how we: spell it, label it, classify it, and produce it. We show the IPA representation, spelling, and give examples.

Forced Choice

Show Me…,   Wordlist
Show Me… People, Places, and Things,   Wordlist
Show Me… Animals, Food, and More,   Wordlist
Show Me… Actions,   Wordlist

Speech Sounds

Articulation IV,   Wordlist
Artic Practice,   Wordlist
Word Practice,   Wordlist
IPA for SLPs,   Wordlist


Phonology,   Wordlist
Minimal Pairs ,   Wordlist
Phonology Match Ups!

Social Skills

Show Me… Social,   Wordlist


Who, What, When, Where, Why,   Wordlist
Look! Listen! Learn Language!,   Wordlist
Wild, Woolly, Wonderful Critters,   Wordlist
Train Talk!,   Wordlist
Pictures for SLPs and Special Education Teachers


Favorite Words
Learning Sight Words,   Wordlist
Reading for Details: Stories for Early Reading,   Wordlist
Reading for Details I,   Wordlist
Reading for Details II,   Wordlist
Reading Comprehension at the Paragraph Level ,   Wordlist

en español

Escuchar y Repetir—Spanish Phonology,   Wordlist
¡Animales Fantásticos!,   Wordlist
Indicar… Colores, Números y Formas,   Wordlist
¡Buscando Parejas!


Catch of the Day
Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes,   Wordlist
And, Or, But… Following Simple Directions
Match Ups!