Download Windows Compatible Titles from Gumroad

Note: These titles will run on all versions of Windows from Windows XP to the present.

Appearances can be Deceiving$5.00

Practice Seeing Words
Appearances can be Deceiving (Windows)

Artic Games & More$5.00

550 Words for Artic and Phonology
Artic Games & More (Windows)

Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes$2.00

Engage your clients with 1,200 colorful photos!
Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes (Windows)

Articulation II: Consonant Clusters$2.00

Practice plenty of practical blends.
Articulation II: Consonant Clusters (Windows)

Articulation III: Vowels + R and R Clusters$2.00

Are you ready for more /r/ practice?
Articulation III: Vowels + R and R Clusters (Windows)

Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th$5.00

475 new words for Articulation therapy!
Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th (Windows)

Attention and Memory: Volume I$5.00

A Comprehensive Therapy Package with thirty-six exercises.
Attention and Memory: Volume I (Windows)

Attention and Memory: Volume II$5.00

Developing Functional Memory and Attention Skills
Attention and Memory: Volume II (Windows)

Basic Words for Children$5.00

Language Stimulation for Young Children
Basic Words for Children (Windows)

Everyday Language Combo$5.00

Value pack for Everyday Language
Everyday Language Combo (Windows)

Fonología en Español: Tratamiento$5.00

Based on the Spanish Phonological System
Appearances can be Deceiving (Windows)

Literacy: Phonemic Awareness$5.00

All of the building blocks for successful reading and spelling!
Literacy: Phonemic Awareness (Windows)

Literacy: Rules, Rules, Rules!$2.00

All of the rules of spelling right at your fingertips!
Literacy: Rules, Rules, Rules! (Windows)

Literacy: “Spelling Test on Friday!”$2.00

Learn to spell 1,800 words that good readers must know!
Literacy: “Spelling Test on Friday!” (Windows)

Look! Listen! and Learn Language!$5.00

Early Intervention Activities for Language Development
Look! Listen! and Learn Language! (Windows)

Palabras Básicas para Los Niños$5.00

Acquire a basic Spanish vocabulary.
Palabras Básicas para Los Niños (Windows)

Phonology I$5.00

Six interactive games that motivate and educate!
Phonology I (Windows)

Phonology II$5.00

Eight activities for ”phun” phonology therapy!
Phonology II (Windows)

Train Time$5.00

Teach reading, spelling, and language comprehension using a train theme.
Train Time (Windows)

“It’s a... Safari”$2.00

Take a trip to Africa while improving reading, spelling, and comprehension!
“It’s a... Safari” (Windows)

“It’s a...” Bundle$5.00

Therapy for Expressive Naming Disorders
“It’s a...” Bundle (Windows)