LocuTour's articulation software is appropriate for aphasia, apraxia, and articulation disorders. Some of the speech therapy games contain intensive R, S, and L practice. The articulation exercises use colorful photos and drawings to a capture the attention of kids and adults. The phonology software is appropriate for remediation of unintelligible speech in young children. The CDs contain games that are for children of all ages who require speech therapy.

Phonology is based on Hodson and Paden's approach to remediating unintelligible speech by repetition of target patterns.

LocuTour's Speech Visualization software contains exercises for breath support and loudness; pitch and intonation; voicing; syllable stress and sequencing; timing rate and rhythm; and vocal quality and resonance. Clients can compare a visual picture of their speech with a male or female model. The manual contains checklists for evaluating speech and suggestions for voice care.

Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th

Four of the most common articulation targets in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and in Consonant Clusters.

New vocabulary includes words not commonly found in yesterday’s word lists but necessary for today's classroom success: compost, awesome, e-mail address, LOL, USB port, browser, search engine, server, etc.

Sort the words by target sound and position and by curriculum area. Groups include: Computer-related words, Measurement words, and School-related words.

Artic Games & More

Artic Games & More is flexible enough to be used with most children on your caseload, whether your clients are working on articulation, phonology, vocabulary, or word finding.

Phonology I

Six exercises help clients hear the difference between words like “stop” and “top” and say words like “cap” and “spoon”.

Phonology II

Targeted patterns are: final consonants; initial consonants; initial S clusters; initial L and R clusters; and two, three, and four syllable words.

Artic Combo

You'll have lots of photos and drawings for Artic practice with this combo. Save on your purchase of all five Artic titles Articulation I, Articulation II, Articulation III, Articulation IV, and Articulation Games & More.

Phonology Combo

Elicit a large number of productions and have interesting auditory bombardment sessions. Clients develop receptive and expressive reading readiness skills and improve speech production with the various levels of patterning exercises. Purchase Phonology II and the original Phonology I and save.

Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes

On Articulation I each target phoneme has 20 words in each of the initial, medial, and final positions. The 1,320 words are grouped by phoneme pairs into eleven categories.

Articulation II: Consonant Clusters

Articulation II provides pictures of words that have a consonant combination in the initial, medial, or final position. There are 766 words covering the phonemes l, r, s, t, d, and more. Interesting sentences add vocabulary practice while you whittle away at articulation errors.

Articulation III: Vowels + R and R Clusters

The 572 photographs in 76 categories on Articulation III provide attention grabbing stimuli for your clients who have difficulty articulating /r/.