LocuTour's Language software provides interesting speech and language exercises for persons with developmental delay, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Oral Motor problems, Cerebral Palsy, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Language Processing Disorders, and Visual Perceptual issues. It allows children to receive speech therapy at home in addition to the speech therapy in the school. The speech and language games also extend the child's fund of knowledge while they work on motor skills, language, and speech.

Basic Language Combo

Your younger clients will love the colorful drawings and photos and you'll save on our Basic Language Combo. The combo includes Basic Words for Children, Look! Listen! and Learn Language!, and Train Time.

Look! Listen! and Learn Language!

This game has eight interactive activities for children to learn language the fun way. Listen to animals; find those letters, shapes, and numbers; and talk, talk, talk!

Basic Words for Children

The words on this CD are the basic words learned in early language development. Many photos have a white background to make it easy for children to distinguish figure/ground. The photos and videos feature children’s toys and clothing. The videos have simple backgrounds and feature children as actors.

Train Time

There are eight exercises on this CD for speech production, auditory comprehension, conversation stimulation, and auditory/visual attention and memory. The exercises begin at a pre-school level and gradually progress to approximately a sixth-grade reading and spelling level.

“It’s a... Safari”

“It's a... Safari” is a unique thematic language program that can be used as an extension of the Literacy series. Clients develop stronger phonemic awareness and auditory processing skills as they work with the 100 target words on several levels.

Everyday Language Combo

This CD contains both Everyday Language I and Everyday Language II. Introduce your students to counting, colors, size, and basic and complex geometric shapes.