In order for children to become good readers they must develop a solid foundation in sound-to-symbol associations. These CDs provide the repetition and consistency that some children and adults need.

Appearances can be Deceiving

Practice "seeing" based on the figure-ground relationship of letters, letter pairs, and words. The targets and foils range in difficulty from single letters to typical vocabulary, spelling, and reading words from elementary school to college; and challenge words from a variety of disciplines.
Practice “seeing” the target in progressively more challenging situations. Choose from 12 fonts—all lower case, all upper case, upper-case initial letter of word, and random—most similar to reading text.
Customize the background with colors and patterns. Loads of options to customize ses- sions for each individual’s skill level.
Take a tour of Appearances to get an overview of what it does.

Literacy: Phonemic Awareness

Seven stimulating exercises provide the basics of phoneme recognition and production, sound to symbol correlation, sound segmentation, blending, and syllable segmentation.

Literacy: Rules, Rules, Rules!

In Literacy: Rules, Rules, Rules! students learn the basic rules for reading and spelling by identifying the vowel sound in a word, sounding out the word, and identifying the rule.

Literacy: “Spelling Test on Friday!”

“Spelling Test on Friday!” teaches a six-step process--look, listen, say, listen, spell, check--for accurate spelling.