Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

A number search activity.

The goal of Catch of the Day is to improve visual scanning and discrimination. The client will visually scan a field from left to right and top to bottom to discriminate numbers from letters. The objective is to find the three numbers in the field of letters as quickly as possible.

Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

Show Me…

Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

Children are often asked to do things like “count the number of red apples”. Before they can perform this direction, they must understand several “quality of” concepts. Specifically, they must understand colors, numbers, and shapes so they can follow the the entire direction.

And, Or, But…

And, Or, But…

Following Simple Directions

And, Or, But… requires the player to find the object on the screen that has a specified color, size, number, or spatial relationship.

Match Ups

Match Ups…

Challenge your memory!

Match Ups! is a fun memory game that SLPs have been using as a reward for a good session. You can also choose alphabet letters, numbers, geometric shapes, and emoji. Challenge yourself by increasing the computer’s skill level from Beginner to Good, or Expert.

Show Me… apps

Show Me…

Forced choice apps.

These apps were designed for developing language skills but are an execellent exercise for clients with TBI or those recovering from strokes. Clients are asked to choose which picture matches the target word or phrase. Practice receptive and expressive language skills while exploring animal names, verbs, and contrasts; people, places, and things; animals, food, and more; social skills; actions; and colors, numbers, and shapes.