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Minimal Pairs

Minimal Paris uses a phonological approach to remediating speech that is based on the ideas of Hodson and Paden. The program focuses on target patterns rather than target phonemes. One pattern is targeted for a limited time—two to four weeks—then the next pattern is targeted. Patterns include: syllable reduction, cluster reduction, prevocalic and postvocalic singleton omission, stridency deletion, velar deviation, liquid deviation, nasal deviation, and glide deviation. Within these patterns, specific phonemes are targeted. Minimal Pairs covers Final Consonants; Initial Consonants; and Initial /S/ Clusters. Other patterns are covered in the Phonology app and on LocuTour’s Phonology I CD.

If your device is capable of recording, there will be a microphone and speaker above the picture. Tap the microphone to begin recording. Say the target word. Then tap the speaker to hear the speech production played back. Use the CDI scoring buttons to score the production

Minimal Pairs

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