Match Ups!

Match Ups!

Match Ups! is one of our favorite games of all time. We like it so much that that we’ve put it on lots of our CDs. The first version of Match Ups! was added to our Attention and Memory: Volume I CD around 1996. It is primarily a memory exercise, a visual scanning task, and just for fun. But it can also be used as an aphasia exercise, for speech articulation practice, and to develop a fund of knowledge. SLPs tell us that they often use it as a reward at the end of a session.

The game starts out with you against the computer. At first the computer plays randomly, but you can make the game more challenging by increasing the computer’s skill level to Beginner, Good, or Expert. When playing in the expert level, the computer rarely makes a mistake—it is very hard to beat. You can also play with a friend. Just type their name in the second box and away you go. If you want to play by yourself, you can do that too.

You can pick from an English or Spanish language voice in the options. If the voice is in Spanish, the text will be as well.

Match Ups! Match Ups!

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